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Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, VAPT, Cyber Readiness Assessment

Protection against cyber attacks is one of the major security issues for businesses worldwide. The risk of malware or ransomware attacks is growing with the evolution of a completely interconnected world. Although this connectivity offers unprecedented opportunities for trade and communications in real time, data breaches and criminal activity, service disruptions, and intellectual property theft and destruction have threatened this economy. The global and constant assault in cyberspace has changed the complexion of criminality – from local to regional, from national to international – and the stakes have become massive.

How to protect your business against cyber attacks?

Cyber Citadel offer services that build on each other to provide a full implementation of a resilient solution for clients. We offer local and global expertise in all sectors, from Finance and Banking to Freight and Logistics. 

The cyber protection process starts with security review to gain understanding of all the security elements (risks) involved in a specific industry sector and follows this path: 

  • Cyber Readiness Health Check
  • Cyber Readiness Assessment
  • Cyber Readiness Planning 
  • Cyber Readiness Training
  • Cyber Consulting

No industry or business is immune from a determined attacker or global malware and so planning for businesses of all sizes should be about making what they do more resilient to any form of attack. 

Let us provide an independent view and risk assessment of your organisation's security weaknesses as well as security strengths and advise on a Cyber Readiness Plan.

80% of cyber security breaches in Australia & NZ go unreported

of Cyber Security Breaches in Australia & New Zealand go unreported.

75% of Australia & NZ Top 10 companies have no Incident Response

of Australia & New Zealand Top 10 companies have no Incident Response.

600% increase in IoT attacks from 2016-17

 is a staggering increase in Internet of Things (‘IoT’) attacks from 2016-2017.

Data fraud & Theft 2 of top 5 global risks

Data fraud and theft are 2 from the top 5 of Global Risks Report 2018.