Cyber Citadel is excited that their security lead Rafay Baloch, an expert in cybersecurity and ethical hacking, will be showcasing his latest research at the prestigious Hack in Paris Conference 2023. This five-day event, starting on the 25th September, includes training, workshops, and conference presentations dedicated to promoting ethical hacking as a means to fortify companies against cyber threats.

Rafay Baloch on Cutting Edge Browser Security at Hack in Paris 2023

Speaking on the 28th September, Rafay will deep-dive into browser security with a focus on uncovering security bugs in mobile browsers: platforms which have never been scrutinised to the same level as their desktop counterparts. Rafay will bring his expertise in threat seeking, penetration testing, and zero-day vulnerabilities to discuss security issues, including eye-opening techniques for infiltrating modern mobile browsers. During the presentation, Rafay will reveal the latest methods used to breach contemporary browser platforms and offer groundbreaking solutions to the complex risks associated with web browsers, including a novel approach to identifying security loopholes. Finally, Rafay will launch – exclusively to attendees – a brand new, specialised tool to aid researchers, bug-hunters, and browser vendors in tackling the challenges posed by browser security threats. The tool will be a cornerstone in improving web-based cybersecurity posture.

If you are heading to Hack in Paris 2023, then be sure to connect with Rafay Baloch for a stimulating and productive discussion on cybersecurity challenges. If you are unable to attend or have further questions or interest in any of the topics discussed, then please reach out to Rafay and Cyber Citadel.

About Cyber Citadel

Cyber Citadel is a forward-thinking cybersecurity firm dedicated to strengthening the defence systems of organisations against evolving cyber threats. Cyber Citadel creates a positive cybersecurity culture centred around awareness and training as well as employing highly skilled security specialists, like Rafay Baloch, to deliver essential services such as Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Tests, Security Posture Reviews, and Incident Response. Cyber Citadel aims to redefine what it means to be cyber secure and to create a safer digital space for businesses to operate in.