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Aegis is Cyber Citadel’s subscription-based SOC-as-a-Service offering where we provide companies with threat detection and incident response.

Positioned as a managed service, AEGIS provides continuous (24x7x365) real-time monitoring by our team of Cyber Security Experts dedicated to examining, detecting, and investigating threats across your organization’s entire enterprise.

What is a SOC?

SOC stands for Security Operations Center.  It is a facility that houses an information security team responsible for monitoring and analyzing an organization’s security posture on an ongoing basis.  The SOC team’s goal is to detect, analyze, and respond to cybersecurity incidents using a combination of technology solutions and a strong set of processes

Use Aegis SOC-as-a-Service if you are concerned that:

  • You have limited internal cybersecurity expertise
  • You have limited capital to invest in your own SOC
  • It will take too long to establish your own SOC
  • Operating your own SOC may not be cost-effective

Aegis provides a far less expensive option than what it would cost your organization to stand up a SOC yourself. 

With Aegis, the capital expenditure normally involved with establishing your own SOC is traded for a single, simple monthly operating expense. 

What makes the Aegis SOC-as-a-Service different?

We firmly believe that consistently assessing your IT infrastructure is essential for a cyber security program. 

With Cyber Citadel’s cyber security posture framework, organizations measure and maximize operational efficiency and minimize risk exposure based on real-time data derived from real-time testing of their defenses.

No other SOC offers Security Posture Reviews, Red Teaming and Vulnerability Assessments in their service offerings.

What is the cost of building a SOC?

AT&T and Expel have estimated that the initial capital cost ranges from $750,000 to $1,170,000 with the annual operating costs ranging from $1,142,000 to $2,380,000

Security Posture Review

Compares your company’s current policies and procedures against appropriate regulatory standards.

Red Teaming

Testing the security of your systems by trying to hack them to flush out unseen threats and missed opportunities.

Vulnerability Assessments

Identifies, classifies and prioritizes security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.


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