Cyber Security in the Logistics Sector: Implementing smart integration for smarter business growth

A review of network security within the logistics industry.

In this white paper we review the latest in Data Privacy law and enforcement of network security within the logistics industry. We focus on the relationship between different enforcement entities as well as with businesses themselves, and look at how they can work together in mutually beneficial ways to create a more vigilant, more cyber secure community. We also emphasize the risk of cyberattacks to critical infrastructure, which is high on the security agenda of many nations, and the solution for which will rely heavily on government and industry regulator cooperation.

While our previous report highlights excellent and affordable solutions, as well as further resources, this report will consider a broader, more community-oriented solution. Much like tackling climate change, it will be the collective contributions of individual businesses, industrial regulators, and government agencies that will make cyberspace more secure for everyone. It is an ‘all for one, and one for all’ scenario.

A major driver for updating legislation is the rapid evolution of supply chains. Compared to 20, or even 10 years ago, many industrial supply chains are unrecognizable. It is obvious why businesses want to increase automation: consistency, efficiency, reduced overheads, and quality control. But concomitant with these benefits is an increase in supply chain complexity. Increased complexity brings increased cyber risk.

Smart integration for better cyber security

In this report we will drive home the importance of ‘smart integration’ for better cyber security. And we place a spotlight on one of the biggest issues facing the logistics sector: IT/OT convergence. This is the integration of traditional operational technology (OT) – the physical machine world – with new Informational Technology (IT) – the digital world of communication and data processing. This integration is set to become the limiting factor of network security, and businesses must get a handle on it before it speeds away and becomes a mess and a cause for serious security concern. No one wants a hacker to not only be able to steal their data, but also start driving a train, or halt a manufacturing line.

If you take nothing else away from this white paper, let it be that ignorance is not bliss – ignoring the problem of cybercrime is not a solution. It will cost you far less money, far less inconvenience, and possibly save your business from unrecoverable reputational damage if you face up to cyber threats and invest time in resources now.

Far greater long-term growth can be obtained by making investments in cyber security, such that your assets and capabilities are protected against threats now and in the future.

Cyber Security in the Logistics Sector White Paper

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