Red Teaming

Red Teaming is a simulated large-scale targeted attack on your company’s information systems.

It’s a ‘gloves off, any means possible’ attempt to gain access to your information systems – hacking, social engineering (such as tricking employees into reveal their passwords or downloading a piece of malware) and even physical infiltration of your premises.

Red Teaming has been used for decades in the defence, financial and energy sectors, and is now being adopted in other industries. It’s most useful for companies that already have well-developed Cyber Security protocols and have already carried out regular Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing.

How we’ll work with you…

After working with you to determine the scope of the exercise, our highly-trained team will establish themselves as the Red Team (the attackers) and your internal team will be the Blue Team (the defenders). Attacks and defence happen in real-time.

Once completed, we’ll provide a detailed report and a thorough debrief.

If you need assistance with resolving any issues we’ve found, we can help with that too.