Incident Response

If your systems have been breached, you need to quickly react, recover and learn from it. We can help.

Whether your attack is phishing, malware, denial-of-service, password, man-in-the-middle, drive-by or any other, our team can identify the source of the attack and immediately block it to prevent further leakage.

The goal is to minimise damage, reduce recovery time, and mitigate breach-related expenses.

We will then assist in writing signatures to detect future similar attacks to eliminate the vulnerabilities that caused the initial breach.

We prepare a tailored response to every attack aligned to business continuity and recovery measures.

Depending on what country and industry you operate in, there may be specific laws and regulations around incident response and reporting you need to be aware of.

We always recommend that our clients have a Computer Incident Response Plan (CIRP) that can be pulled off the shelf in times of need.