Published 14 January 2021

A Detailed Comparison of Security and Privacy on Signal and Telegram

Below is an article published by Cyber Citadel’s Lead Security Researcher Rafay Baloch on the technical comparisons between Signal and Telegram messaging services. By Rafay Baloch. Facebook had long aspired to integrate WhatsApp data with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger’s back ends for better ad targeting and data monetization. As a trade-off, WhatsApp has decided to lose several…

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Published 20 November 2020

Remote working habits in the new Covid-19 environment

Below is an excerpt from the article “Remote working habits in the new Covid-19 corporate environment create ‘rich’ opportunities for cybercriminals” as published on p.36 in Spring 2020 Across Borders magazine Remote working habits in the new Covid-19 corporate environment create ‘rich’ opportunities for cybercriminals. By Jonathan Sharrock Covid-19 has rapidly changed the business landscape…

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Published 1 September 2020

Cyber Siege on the NZX

This week’s cyber-attack on the New Zealand Exchange (NZX) resulted in severe outages and trading being halted for hours. Brokers and businesses have been left in the dark as NZX and its service provider Spark have yet to clarify any motivation behind the attack and whether demands have been made by the still unconfirmed adversaries….

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Published 1 August 2020

Cyber Security in Logistics – Piracy in the Digital Age

Below is an excerpt from the article “Piracy in the Digital Age” as published in the Daily Cargo News ( Following several damaging attacks on shipping and logistics companies, cyber security analysts warn the industry remains dangerously vulnerable. By Jonathan Sharrock The logistics sector needs little convincing of the risk of cybercrime to its operations. FedEx in…

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Published 10 April 2020

Logistics Cybersecurity Far from ‘Ship Shape’

Below is an excerpt from the article “Logistics Sector Far from ‘Ship Shape’ on Cyber Security” as published in the Daily Cargo News ( Ignoring the issues of out dated equipment and devices linked to the Internet of Things (IoT), Mimecast found that the greatest problem to cybersecurity in logistics was employee vulnerability. Attacks were…

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cyber hack puts pressure on government

Published 28 February 2020

Toll Group’s Costly Recovery Shocks Government

Below is an excerpt from the article ‘Toll cyber hack puts pressure on government‘ as published on Financial Review ( Defence Minister Linda Reynolds has insisted the government is strongly committed to strengthening cyber resiliency across Australian business, following the crippling ransomware attack on logistics giant Toll Group. Jonathan Sharrock, the managing director of Cyber…

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toll cyber attack

Published 27 February 2020

Toll Group Faces Customer Fallout After Cyberattack

Below is an excerpt from the article on Toll Group as published on Financial Review ( Freight delivery giant Toll Group is battling to fully restore its services after a crippling cyber attack, which security experts say is the most significant in Australian corporate history, as it faces growing discontent from clients including Telstra, Officeworks…

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across borders cover autum 2019

Published 10 July 2019

Australian Trusted Trader Cyber Security Compliance

Businesses in Australia are being offered Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) status if they comply with a set of regulations. This status provides trading companies with a range of privileges and benefits that any trading company would be advantaged with. Major benefits include increased administrative efficiency through severely reducing bureaucracy, especially with regards to customs and…

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Published 17 April 2019

Cyber Security Forensic Audit in M&A Processes

Imagine you’re buying a business. The first step would, of course, be to carry out financial audit to help assess the risk and return profile of the business. You will need to know its current financial position, establish the value of its assets, and make sure it will be stable and viable in the future….

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Published 9 October 2018

What the Internet of Things (IoT) Means to the Logistics Industry

If the 1990s were when the dream of a hyperconnected world first took hold in the public consciousness, the 2010s are when that dream has become a reality – and, for some, a security nightmare. Analysts estimate that by 2020 there may be more than 50 billion devices connected to the internet. A large portion…

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