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Published 10 July 2019

Australian Trusted Trader Cybersecurity Compliance

Businesses in Australia are being offered Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) status if they comply with a set of regulations. This status provides trading companies with a range of privileges and benefits that any trading company would be advantaged with. Major benefits include increased administrative efficiency through severely reducing bureaucracy, especially with regards to customs and…

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Published 17 April 2019

Cyber security forensic checks come to the fore in mergers and acquisitions processes

Imagine you’re buying a business. The first step would, of course, be to carry out financial due diligence to help assess the risk and return profile of the business. You will need to know its current financial position, establish the value of its assets, and make sure it will be stable and viable in the…

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Published 9 October 2018

What the Internet of Things (IoT) means for cybersecurity of the logistics industry

If the 1990s were when the dream of a hyperconnected world first took hold in the public consciousness, the 2010s are when that dream has become a reality – and, for some, a security nightmare. Analysts estimate that by 2020 there may be more than 50 billion devices connected to the internet. A large portion…

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Published 5 September 2018

Bug Hunting: Find security flaws before the bad guys do

As digitalization continues to sweep through established industries, companies are increasingly operating massive IT systems, which may consist of thousands of connected devices and thousands more dependencies on third-party software and applications. This leaves medium and large corporations with an extremely complex array of vulnerabilities to cyberattacks. Gone are the days when corporations could just…

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Published 2 August 2018

Why SIEM is important for businesses, and how it might evolve over the coming years: an interview with Simon Howe

Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) services are a key part of any modern business. Computer systems are talkative things, with various apps and devices exchanging thousands of bits of information every day, and most of them storing logs detailing their activities. Most of this information is routine and doesn’t need any oversight, but when…

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Published 25 July 2018

The biggest cybersecurity threats to logistics and utilities (and how to remedy them)

Over the past decade, the state of near unlimited connectivity characteristic of modern digital technology has produced sweeping changes in the business world, including now in industries such as logistics and utilities, which have traditionally been cautious in their adoption of new technologies. In 2018, however, the benefits of connectivity have become undeniable, and corporations…

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Published 17 July 2018

What can we learn from the most devastating cyberattacks of 2017?

For many companies, particularly those in the logistics and utilities sectors, 2017 was a year of reckoning with a new era of cyberthreat. In a year that began with allegations that state-sponsored hacking was used to influence the US Presidential Election, followed hotly by two of history’s most devastating ransomware attacks, WannaCry and NotPetya, scarcely…

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Published 10 July 2018

Bespoke ransomware, targeted attacks – the hacker’s new arsenal

Cyber security is a hot topic in board meetings. Management wants, and needs, to know how cyber security is being controlled and monitored. If you are the person responsible it is essential that you can demonstrate effective management of this vital issue. Although it may appear to be good news that a competitor is receiving…

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