Changing the Conversation About Cyber Security in Business – A Guide for Board Directors

Years of complicated and technically driven digital security, lack of communication, and fear-driven expenditure have created uncertainty and distance between directors and security teams. This needs to change: directors’ boards need to engage, be concerned, and hold security officers to account.

The Board can make all the difference by driving policy, effective strategy, and ensuring an efficient flow of information through the company, as well as to clients and other third parties.

The purpose of this document is to assist board directors in engaging more fully with cyber security and to help them build a company that promotes communication and the construction of a positive strategy for cyber-related issues. Their role is to set up a good privacy and security culture which then permeates throughout their organisation.

This document will help directors to retake the driver’s seat in constructing proactive business strategies to successfully manage the risk of a cyber attack.

guide for board directors

What’s in this White Paper?

This white paper is to assist company directors to engage more fully with cyber security and to build a company culture that promotes the communication and development of a positive strategy for cyber-related issues. In this white paper you will read about:

guide for board directors

Why should the Board care?

Put simply: company self-preservation, financial cost, and legal obligation.

guide for board directors

What are the roadblocks to Board engagement?

Board members are business leaders not
technical experts.

Steps in managing Cyber risk

Achieve security targets that are relevant to an organization.

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