Do you need Aegis?

In one word, Yes! SaaS and mobility trends have broken down the traditional perimeter security model, and many businesses are ill-equipped to handle the change. 

With the proliferation of mobile, remote users, and cloud services, you will need to monitor and respond to a variety of threats across a wide spectrum of sources. You need a way to extract, collect and monitor vast amounts of data to identify and isolate increasingly complex, advanced threats throughout an infrastructure where you do not necessarily have complete control.

Why use Aegis?

If you are concerned that:

  1. You have limited internal security and/or SOC expertise;
  2. There is not enough budget for capital expenditures;
  3. It takes too long to establish your own SOC; or,
  4. An internal SOC may not be cost-effective

Aegis provides a far less expensive option than what it would cost your organization to stand up a SOC yourself.  In many cases, the monthly cost for SOC as a Service is less than the cost of just the internal security analysts that would need to be hired (let alone the cost of establishing the SOC itself).  

With Aegis, the capital expenditure normally involved with establishing your own SOC is traded for a single, simple monthly operating expense.  Plus, the time normally associated with building a SOC team, obtaining infrastructure, and licensing and implementing software is offset by Aegis’ already running and manned SOC. At a fraction of the cost of an internal SOC, Aegis is a cost-effective choice.

How to get started?

It’s simple. Try our service free for 60 days. We’ll have you direct the security logs from your system current systems to Aegis where we’ll begin monitoring your organization. 

During the trial, we will identify and categorize your key risk areas, benchmark your current security posture and identify gaps versus best practices and recommend actions to harden your environment against vulnerabilities.

What if I already have an internal or external security provider?

No problem … use us to benchmark their performance against digital risks across your organization’s environment.  We’ll work with them to assess, prioritize and implement improvements to harden your defenses.