24/7/365 Managed Detection and Response for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Azure and Office 365

What is Aegis Sentinel?

AEGIS SENTINEL is a managed detection and response service dedicated to monitoring your Microsoft environment.  Utilizing Microsoft Sentinel SIEM, we automate security operations across your Microsoft stack by ingesting signals from Defender for Endpoint, Azure, Office 365 and any of your on-premise infrastructure to identify activity that doesn’t look right like suspicious logins, data exfiltration, suspicious RDP activity or unusual inbox rules

We even add our own detections in the cloud (where they’re needed most) to ensure we detect suspicious activity before the damage is done.  When something’s suspicious, we investigate and tell you what happened and what you need to do about it.

Aegis Sentinel offers 24×7 detection and response for …

On-Premise Infrastructure

Our offering for those who are looking to monitor their network, endpoint and SIEM technology.

Cloud Infrastructure

If you’ve moved to the cloud, we’ll monitor your Azure environment, or any other cloud provider.

Saas Applications

We’ll monitor and respond to suspicious activity in your applications like Office 365.

What We Do

The combination of Sentinel and our Aegis analysts monitoring your environment 24×7 provide transparent managed security that finds attackers and gives you the answers you need to kick them out and keep them out.


We apply an additional layer of security with our custom rules.

Investigate and Respond

We find out exactly what happened and tell you what to do about it.


We’ll automatically contain hosts/threats in your environment.

Threat Hunting

We proactively look for threats on-premise and in your cloud infrastructure.

Aegis Sentinel’s Core Capabilities

  1. Collect data at cloud scale across all users, devices, applications, and infrastructure, both on-premises and in multiple clouds.
  2. Detect previously undetected threats and minimize false positives using Sentinel’s analytics and unparalleled threat intelligence.
  3. Investigate threats with artificial intelligence, and hunt for suspicious activities at scale.
  4. Respond to incidents rapidly with built-in orchestration and automation of common tasks.

AEGIS SENTINEL Service Offerings

Essentials Standard Advanced Premium
Managed Security Risk Program
Full access to Aegis Sentinel SIEM
24 x 7 Real-time SOC monitoring
Advanced Detections
Response and Remediation
Monthly Human Threat Hunting
Security Posture Review
Nextgen Vulnerability Assessment
Red Teaming

Managed Security Risk Program
Managed Risk addresses the most critical cybersecurity challenges of undetected risks, too many alerts and limited asset visibility. This is an on-going process throughout our relationship and serves as the basis of our Aegis Sentinel service.

Full access to Aegis Sentinel SIEM
You’ll share the same interface with our analysts so there’s never any doubt about what we’re doing on your behalf.

24 x 7 Real-time SOC monitoring
Our analysts investigate threats and flag suspicious or risky activity. We’ll tell you exactly what happened and when, how we detected it and what you need to do about it. 

Advanced Detections
Aegis Sentinel leverages seven proven detection methodologies to find known and unknown attackers across network, user and endpoint layers: threat intelligence, threat hunting, Network Traffic Analysis, Network Flow data, deception technologies, User Behavior Analytics, and Attacker Behavior Analytics.

Monthly Human Threat Hunting
Active human threat hunting finds threats technology alone cannot.

Security Posture Review
Areas of focus include penetration testing, compliance, identity and access management, incident response, contingency planning, configuration management, physical and environmental protection and end-user training. We identify gaps and vulnerabilities and create a recommended remediation roadmap. If required, we can also assess your company’s GDPR exposure.

Nextgen Vulnerability Assessment
Our Next Generation Vulnerability Assessment (NGVA) service utilizes a hybrid approach for conducting vulnerability assessments.

Red Teaming
Red teaming uncovers risks to your organization that traditional penetration tests miss because they focus only on one aspect of security or an otherwise narrow scope.  Email-based social engineering, network service, application layer, and even physical facility exploitation are just some of the ways we “attack” your IT systems during our red team exercises.

Aegis Sentinel Key Differentiators

Security Posture Reviews, NextGen Vulnerability Assessment and Red Teaming are included in our basic offerings.

We firmly believe that consistently assessing your IT infrastructure is essential for a cyber security program.  So as part of our services, we include periodic testing and red teaming of your network by separate, independent Cyber Citadel “red teams” to identify vulnerabilities before a malevolent attacker does, and then pass those vulnerabilities to our SOC for remediation.

Security Posture Review

Security Posture Review

Compares your company’s current policies and procedures against appropriate regulatory standards

Red Teaming

Red Teaming

Testing the security of your systems by trying to hack them to flush out unseen threats and missed opportunities.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Identifies, classifies, and prioritizes security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.

Advantages of Aegis Sentinel

Six reasons to choose Aegis for your Sentinel deployment.

  1. 24×7 monitoring and management by dedicated, expert team at our SOC​
  2. Built-in IDS helps proactive threat detections
  3. Choice of support models and subscription licensing; upgrade anytime with predictable monthly costs ​
  4. Threat assessment and expert analysis helps improve security and compliance management​
  5. Rapid delivery model focuses on integrating with your existing security infrastructure
  6. Enterprise-grade storage includes built-in data recovery via extensive network of global Microsoft data centers

How to get started?

It’s simple.  Try our service free for 60 days.  We’ll have you direct the security logs from your system current systems to Aegis where we’ll begin monitoring your organization. 

During the trial, we will identify and categorize your key risk areas, benchmark your current security posture and identify gaps versus best practices and recommend actions to harden your environment against vulnerabilities.

What if I already have an internal or external security provider?

No problem … use us to benchmark their performance against digital risks across your organization’s environment.  We’ll work with them to assess, prioritize and implement improvements to harden your defenses.