How does your organization benefit from Aegis?

Reduces SOC complexity

The considerable work necessary to design, implement, configure, test, manage, maintain, upgrade, and operate an internal SOC is not something most organizations have the time or expertise to do well, if at all. Choosing to engage Aegis simplifies the equation; you pay for services utilizing a SOC that already exists.

Increases speed of deployment

Because there is no need to build a SOC, the deployment time is significantly reduced. Instead of taking quarters or years to be up and running, Aegis can be up and monitoring an organization’s environment in about a month.

Instant expertise

Not every organization has in-house cybersecurity experts, and not all can afford to hire them. With Aegis, organizations gain the use of a team of cybersecurity experts and analysts that are trained and experienced to monitor for and remediate today’s advanced cybersecurity threats.

Improves threat detection and response

Using the latest threat intelligence, a team of dedicated security experts, best of breed security solutions, and automated response orchestration, Aegis increases the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of threat detection and response capabilities to enhance the support of your internal security teams.

Cost-effective security

Those same considerations around SOC complexity (designing, implementing, configuring, testing, managing, maintaining, upgrading, and operating a SOC) add to the overall cost to an organization. The shift from significant upfront capital expenditures to making a single payment each month removes a sizeable barrier to implementing improved levels of security.

How to get started?

It’s simple. Try our service free for 60 days. We’ll have you direct the security logs from your system current systems to Aegis where we’ll begin monitoring your organization. 

During the trial, we will identify and categorize your key risk areas, benchmark your current security posture and identify gaps versus best practices and recommend actions to harden your environment against vulnerabilities.

What if I already have an internal or external security provider?

No problem … use us to benchmark their performance against digital risks across your organization’s environment.  We’ll work with them to assess, prioritize and implement improvements to harden your defenses.