Our Vulnerability Assessment+ service combines weekly system scans, as-required light penetration testing and a monthly report/scorecard.

It’s the ideal solution for companies that want more than a snapshot-in-time report but don’t wish to engage an expensive external provider for 24/7 Cyber Security monitoring.

We scan your systems once per week, removing false positives and if we find anything that concerns us, we carry out a light Penetration Test (not a full test, which is much more extensive). All of this is documented in ongoing monthly reports which also detail what’s been fixed since the last report and what’s outstanding.

If required, we can also place our findings into your ticketing system to ensure all issues are followed up upon. We can also show up as an internal capability, if there are specific questions that need answered.

The Vulnerability Assessment+ is a highly useful service that helps busy internal IT teams stay focused on your highest priority security issues.