Published 19 March 2021

Cyber Security in Business

Cyber security is key to business sustainability. From logistics to healthcare, ensuring strong cyber security is paramount.

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Logistics companies are being increasingly targeted by sophisticated cybercriminal attacks. With new remote working norms resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, companies around the world have been forced to increase their digital footprint by adopting remote software tools and additional IoT devices.

In the last year, some of the logistics industry’s biggest names have fallen victim to system disruptions and data breaches. While growing digital environments have aided remote work, they have also increased the number of attack entry points exploited by cybercriminals.

In this video, Cyber Citadel explains what these conditions mean for the logistics industry’s cyber security outlook.

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The healthcare industry has become a prime target for cybercriminals. A familiarity with old technology, financial restrictions and overworked staff mean healthcare organisations have struggled to update cyber security infrastructure, from digital assets to personnel. To make matters worse, the international Covid-19 pandemic has made national medical institutions targets for state-sponsored actors as well as individual cybercriminals groups.

Cyber Citadel recommends a three-pronged approach to cyber security in the healthcare industry: identify vulnerabilities, prioritise critical risks and invest in cyber security.

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In this video, Cyber Citadel explains the fundamentals behind our new white paper on the cyber threat to the logistic industry, preparing viewers for a new age in cybercrime.

It covers the recent history of cyberattacks against major logistic industry providers, the reasons why logistics companies are more frequently targeted and crucial habits to become more cyber secure: people, process and technology.

— MORE AT: “Threat to Logistics” White Paper

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Years of complicated and technically driven digital security, a lack of communication, and fear-driven expenditure have created uncertainty and distance between directors and security teams. This needs to change: directors’ boards need to engage, be concerned, and hold security officers to account.

In this Cyber Citadel video, we highlight why Board directors need to engage more fully with company cyber security policy. Their role is to set up a good privacy and security culture which then permeates throughout their organisation.

As cyber security experts, we are here to help.

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