Published 19 March 2021

Analysing Cyber Security

A key factor in robust cyber security is knowing the cyber threat landscape. At Cyber Citadel, we specialise in analysing cyber threats to better advise you on cyber security.

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Elon Musk tweeted “Use Signal” in response to WhatsApp’s new privacy terms to take into effect on 8 February 2021 for all users outside of Europe. WhatsApp gained worldwide recognition as the go-to messaging application, ensuring security, privacy, and giving users free and easy communication anywhere in the world.

However, WhatsApp’s new terms stated that Facebook would be free to store user information, which could then be shared by to third-parties. This information included the phone numbers of users and their contacts, profile names and pictures, and diagnostic data.

This sets a dangerous precedent for WhatsApp users, particularly businesses who use the service. Information stored by Facebook is notoriously insecure, with a number of breaches contributing to cybercriminal capabilities.

In this video, Cyber Citadel outlines why Signal might be the better option.

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Data is now more valuable than oil or gold. With data being used as a commodity by more and more companies, the ability to keep it secure is paramount. Current data breaches across industries show that they have severe financial and repetitional implications.

Encryption is the ability to scramble digital information. Used correctly, encryption is a basic but powerful tool to ensure that company data is kept secure, even in front of prying eyes. In the event that data is stolen from a server, lost on a misplaced device, or viewed by unauthorised person, encryption ensures that only those with the right key can unlock the sensitive information.

View Cyber Citadel’s full video library on our Vimeo channel

It is a cyberattack that has run riot around the world, capable of knocking out hundreds of thousands of computers and costing companies billions of dollars.

The truth about ransomware is that it is on the rise. It is also constantly evolving, with new ransomware variants Copperhedge, Taintedscribe and Pebbledash found coming out from North Korea this year.

Another aspect of ransomware’s evolution is that it increasingly relies on blackmail to extort money from victims. Whether a business is or is not able to retrieve its data has taken a back seat – now cyber criminals also threaten to release ransomed data into the public if the demand is not paid.

The only way to seriously defend against ransomware is to get cyber security experts on board with your company’s defence strategy.