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With highly satisfied clients in over 27 countries across 5 continents, we provide Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Red Teaming, Incident Response, Malware Analysis, Asset Discovery, Source Code Review and Forensic Analysis. 

We have particularly deep expertise in multi-lingual Web Applications and Network Infrastructure Penetration Testing. We invest heavily in Research & Development, with each member of our technical team spending 25% of their time discovering, exploring and minimizing new cyber threats, all of which is fed back into our client solutions and the wider Cyber Security community. Our team has an established history of finding ‘zero days’ (previously unknown and unpatched software flaws) and uncovering security vulnerabilities in system software, web applications and browsers.

Jonathan Sharrock

Jonathan Sharrock

Jonathan Sharrock is the founder and CEO of Cyber Citadel. Living and working for many years across diverse countries in Europe and Asia, as well as the USA, developed his understanding of different perspectives, different cultures and disparate working environments. Cyber Citadel is a global player, serving 27 different countries at the end of 2022 with strong growth projected to continue worldwide.

Cyber Citadel offers a level of security testing that utilises a range of highly specialised and sought-after technical skill sets. The company’s unique approach differentiates it from the pack by pitting multiple teams against each other globally. This ‘red teaming’ approach not only hones the techniques of Cyber Citadel operatives on a continual basis, but delivers an exceptional level of testing to clients. The proof is in the pudding and Cyber Citadel has an impressive track record of breaching the security of many companies, using evidence gained to produce a detailed comprehensive remediation plan for tightening security.

Following the successful establishment of Cyber Citadel, and with the rapid rise in cyber crime in the past three years, Jonathan more recently co-founded a new global security monitoring platform based on automation, eliminating major overheads and continuously adapting to the rapidly changing environment: Aegis Citadel

Rafay Baloch

Rafay Baloch

Rafay Baloch is a globally acclaimed cybersecurity expert / whitehat hacker with an extensive track record of discovering critical zero-day security issues in a significant number of web applications, products and browsers, helping protect the privacy and security of millions of users worldwide. Recognised as one of the Top 5 Ethical Hackers of 2014 by security company Checkmarx, “The 15 Most Successful Ethical Hackers WorldWide“, the “Top 25 Threat Seekers” by SC Magazine, and one of the “Top-21 Cybersecurity Experts You Must Follow on Twitter in 2021” by Reflectiz. In recognition of his significant contribution to the field of cyber security, he was presented the Pride of Pakistan award in 2022.

Rafay authored the successful “Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Guide” published by Taylor Francis in 2014. This book has been featured in “Fifteen must-have books for penetration testing professionals” by InfoSec Institute. Rafay has presented his research at international cybersecurity conferences, including Blackhat, HEXCON, SDPI, and Cezeri. He is frequently featured in national and international mainstream media, such as the Independent UK Urdu, BBC Urdu, Express Tribune, Dawn, and GEO, providing insights and analysis of prevailing cybersecurity topics. Rafay is currently working as Senior Cyber Security Consultant for PTA, a telecom regulator in Pakistan and frequently advises the Government on cybersecurity-related matters.

About Aegis Citadel

Co-founded by Jonathan Sharrock and Rafay Baloch, two of the leading cybersecurity experts in the industry, Aegis Citadel provides the most comprehensive and advanced security solutions available. This cutting-edge, artificial intelligence security operations centre offers comprehensive services to organisations looking to improve their security posture. Aegis Citadel is committed to providing customers with the best-in-class cybersecurity solutions and services to help them secure their digital assets and protect their data.

A key advantage of this new security monitoring platform is that it adapts to address new threats 24/7 through continuous updates and self-learning, while at the same time eliminating the standard cybersecurity overheads. This makes it an attractive proposition to a range of clients and since its launch, Aegis Citadel has seen strong growth and demand for its innovative services.

For more information, visit aegiscitadel.com.

Team Certifications

Security Management
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Certified Information Security Expert (CISE)
  • Certified Security Sentinel
Ethical Hacking
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Certified Professional Ethical Hacker (CPEH)
  • Certified Professional Testing Engineer (CPTE)
  • Certified Penetration Testing Consultant (CPTC)
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • eLearnsecurity Penetration Testing Professional (eCPPT)
Application Security
  • Certified Secure Web Application Engineer (CSWAE)
  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)
Mobile Security
  • Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP)
  • Certified Wireless Security Engineer (CWSE)
Standards & Best Practices
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
  • ITIL V3 Foundation

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